EC Rider Dial-A-Ride Information

Dial-A Ride 850-833-9168

EC Rider’s Dial-A-Ride paratransit service is available to Okaloosa County residents who are unable to access the system’s fixed route service. Reservations are required when using Dial-A-Ride services and the price of your trip is determined by the distance you wish to travel. The cost for your trip will be known once your ride is scheduled and payment is collected by the driver once you have boarded the vehicle.

Several agencies sponsor client transportation needs and pay all or most of the cost. The Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged provides cost sharing assistance for individuals who are not sponsored and meet eligibility criteria. If you would like to see if you qualify for assistance, please complete the application below, or call (850) 833-9168 for information about the Transportation Disadvantaged Program.

Dial-A-Ride Application

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