To ensure rider safety, EC Rider asks you to please observe the following guidelines:

  • Please wait for your bus at a designated stop.
  • Please refrain from smoking on vehicles.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed.
  • Please no open containers of food or drink.
  • No pets are allowed, with the exception of service animals.
  • No profanity or loud talking.
  • Music should be heard only through earphones.
  • Shoes and shirts are required on our vehicles.
  • Please do not litter on the bus or at bus stops.
  • No weapons of any kind including, but not limited to:
    • Firearms
    • Knives of any length, composition or description
    • Most cutting instruments, including: carpet knives, box cutters, and spare blades
    • Any device with a folding or retractable blade
    • Ice picks
    • Straight razors